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About Christopher Paul Brown

For me, a strong image offers a vision beyond the surface. It has a multi-dimensionality that offers depth and richness; such images can tell different stories to different people. With my work, these are never linear stories. Rather, they are subterranean and unconscious, like wordless shards that are the remains of dreams upon awakening.

I view myself primarily as an alchemist. The mundane surface of things interests me as fodder, as a means or lever, for revealing the deeper, inner energy of that which holds my emotional interest. Manipulation allows me ready access to the subjects hidden aspects. The act is a partial disrobing; it is a process only the audience may complete.

I am a primitive hunter-gatherer rather than a modern urban agrarian. My process depends on engaging two polar opposites: intent and openness. The result is a channeling of energies beyond myself. I become a conductor of energy, like a wire conducting electricity or a lens conducting light. Mystics, and now even String Theory scientists, describe our world as having eleven dimensions. I feel that I explore some portion of these unnamed dimensions with my art.

In each of my photographs I have used, and deliberately misused, in-camera and/or post-production manipulation. With digital photography I shoot promiscuously and playfully, but with a constancy of intent and openness. I expect surprise and serendipity. Post-production is much the same. At every step of the way I perceive the involvement of energies beyond myself.

Due to a lack of extensive planning and my habit of deliberately keeping my intentions vague, my finished photographs feel more like found artifacts than personally crafted works of art. Part of me is a mere witness to this mysterious process. Like a child who has found baubles at the seashore, I have the urge to share my discoveries.

In my youth I imagined pursuing the arts as a hobby and working as a scientist. I imagined myself exploring frontiers as an exo-geologist, fathoming the structure of planets other than Earth. During my adolescence, however, I discovered the vast frontier of inner space and realized that my path lay in the direction of alchemy, the unconscious and art.


2018 began with Christopher Paul Browns exhibition in Rome, Italy with LOOSENART MODULES Book Publication. He was the Short List Winner at the London International Creative Competition, and an Honorable Mention Winner at the Tokyo International Foto Awards. He appeared in the Abandoned Spaces exhibition at Praxis Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Nature, a juried exhibition by Art Room Online Gallery. In 2017 he exhibited in Belgrade, Serbia and Rome, Italy and had ten works at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum in Florida. In the same year he was awarded the Cash Jury Prize from Art Fomenar, was a Photomanipulation Nominee at the 4th edition of the Fine Art Photography Awards, was featured in three magazines, was Bronze Award winner at the Prix de la Photographie, Paris and was a winner of the 2nd Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition. His work was included in eight other exhibitions in 2017. He completed a BA in Film at Columbia College in 1980 and had his first sale to the collection of the Standard Oil Company of Indiana in 1979. From 2003 to 2007 he had numerous experimental videos shown at noteworthy film festivals throughout the USA and was nominated in 2004 for the Golden Gate Award at the 47th San Francisco International Film Festival.