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About Christopher Paul Brown

I am an alchemist. I am also a primitive hunter-gatherer rather than a modern urban agrarian. I see the mundane surface of things as fodder for emotional connections with deeper, hidden energies and experiences.

When I photograph a series, it is as if I am viewing a forest through the underlying mycelium. I shoot promiscuously and playfully, but with a constancy of intent and openness. I expect surprise and serendipity as I use, and deliberately mis-use, in-camera and post-production manipulation.

My process could be described as a partial disrobing; its a process only the audience may complete.

String Theory scientists now describe our world as having eleven dimensions. I feel that I explore a portion of these unnamed dimensions with my art.

The rich depth of this multi-dimensionality allows my images to "tell" different stories to different people. These stories are subterranean and unconscious. They are wordless shards akin to the remains of dreams upon awakening.


Brown bought a Contax 35mm camera in 1977 with student loan proceeds and began shooting with black and white film. Early successes included numerous shows, purchases by the Standard Oil Company, and a one-man show in 1985. Contemporaneous with his photography he produced and played in two avant-garde music groups and created numerous experimental videos. He realized videos from 2002 to 2007 that were screened twice at the SXSW Film Festival, the San Francisco International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center and numerous other festivals. His video You Define Single File was nominated for the Golden Gate Award at the 47th San Francisco International Film Festival.

In 1998 he purchased a Mamiya medium format camera and began shooting with color film and creating large 44' prints. Beginning in the Fall of 2013 he adopted digital cameras in earnest. He now uses a Canon EOS 5DS for the bulk of his work.